Sunday, January 10, 2010

Birding along the lake...or...

Lovely Lake Erie in January...No swimming please.

...What crazy birders do in the winter in Cleveland...

I went out without the Doodles(smart girl) this morning with our buddies from Western Cuyahoga Audubon Society for a 'bird' walk at the Dike 14 wildlife area just outside of downtown Cleveland. The temperature was a tepid ten degrees with a nice breeze from the north. In July we'd all be happy January...not so much. It really wasn't that bad as the sun was out early in the morning and the snow wasn't more than four to six inches deep.

Unfortunately, the birds are still smarter than us and layed low in the warm and cozy shrubbery and undergrowth. There was ONE American Tree Sparrow, well camouflaged in the scrub along a break wall. He didn't want his picture taken, at least that's the excuse I'm using.

Aye, thars a balmy breeze a-blowin' off the bow.

Believe it or not, this is the frozen lake with critter tracks going out towards Canada.
I don't think he'll make it all the way...

Oh my gosh! A bird photo! How'd that get in this post?
This Northern Mockingbird was digging for something in this patch of grass still visible in the snow.

I don't think this Praying Mantis egg case is going to make it to spring...nope.

A day of birding wouldn't be complete without at least one 'Bird From Behind!'
The Mockingbird may have been mocking me!

He was soon chased away by this Downy Woodpecker, also showing a proper pose!

We saw a lot of tracks from different mammals. Sorry to say, the only photo I have is of this fresh frozen little mouse.
I showed this pic to Bob, the Chipmunk when I got home...

He promised to be a good boy from now on!
"Please don't take me out there!"


  1. crack me up, showed the frozen mouse to Bob... And now he's dusting! That cold was good for something.

  2. Hi Dave,
    Well you have more snow than we do... Her eit is now raining and temps are around 5°C... Got out today but looks like there are not too many birds... Just liek for you, like you said they are clever and stay warm... Well done on the woodpecker and mocking bird!

  3. Chris:Hard to believe we have more snow than Iceland! We better change our name from Cleveland to Snowland!

    Bob: Yes, sitting in front of the warm computer screen beats the frozen lake!

    Kelly:You should train the Peanut to dust!