Friday, January 8, 2010

Lather, Rinse, Repeat...

A Solitary Sandpiper...rinsing...

My, my, I certainly have a lot of photos to label! I'm continuing the file of a trip to Conneaut on the shores of beautiful, but now frozen, Lake Erie. As you can see, no ice here! These were taken in September while the weather was still balmy. As I was labeling these birdies, or trying to, I discovered this complete file was saved twice in different places, nothing like doing the same work again! Seeing as it was a rough day outside and I played hooky from work, I didn't mind.

Oops, if the boss reads this, I wasn't playing hooky, I was , uh, "under the weather..."

Got to get behind the ears!

And other places as well...
A real long-legged beauty!
Shake it baby!
Comb it out and make sure every feather is in place...

And repeat...


  1. I feel a bit like a voyeur watching this bird bathe! Great series of shots Dave

  2. That's what they get for bathing in the open in front of me!

  3. Nice series! BTW, a belated happy 100th blog post! Hope you enjoyed your long, I mean hope you feel better.