Friday, March 12, 2010


Pogo Possum

Sorry to say, Pogo has passed on to the great swamp in the sky...or a hole in our neighbors back yard...He had a great last few days, plenty of seed and cracked corn, sunshine and warm temps, and then...R.I.P., Rabies infected Possum.

He was doing a funny dance on our neighbors porch, kind of living up to his name, POGO! First they thought he was just jammin to the kids music, then they realized the very sharp teeth and squirrely(sorry squirrels) attitude meant his little cranium was crashing.

The proper authorities were called in to "take care of the situation at hand" as they say. The Doodles said toodles to Pogo...

Pogo's last visit to the sauna. He may be crazy, but he was clean.