Monday, March 22, 2010

This Butt's for you...

Who else butt the Doodles would be happy to get 'tagged' by a bird?

To the Doodles, there is some unwelcome irony to the name of my is mysterious.

Without getting into any unwelcome detail, Laurie...oops, I mean the Doodles, had minor surgery Friday morning. Not to worry, everything is fine...for the most part. In time she will be back to normal...or at least as normal as can be expected.

Now that all of this is BEHIND her, we can laugh and joke about things...just don't talk about staples...

A proctologists eye view of a Baltimore Oriole...

...and the same view of an American Robin...

The evil eye from an American Black Duck
...don't talk about their butts, they don't like it!

An uncommon view of a Common Yellowthroat.
See the yellow throat?

This may be the House Finch that soiled the Doodles jacket!

Gotta have my Doodles with me!

Make sure you have regular check ups!
*This has been a Public Service Announcement...thank you.


  1. Dave - it was your humor and our laughing that got me through this one - please just don't ever say "staples" and "colon" in the same sentence - unless there is a joke "in there" (get it?!!)- then it's okay! We still have to figure out what to do if the staples cause suspicion with airport security - oh my! This blog cracked me up! (no pun intended).
    Love you! Your Doodles

  2. Hi Dave,
    Let's hope your doodles will go fine after this surgery, and very nice post once again. i kind of miss your butt pictures ;-)

  3. Yep, it is so funny, I almost had to wet myself.

  4. Hi Chris, Doodles is 'doing' fine thank you! I'll post more butts soon!

    Bob, we have extra 'Depends' if you need them...

  5. People like you make the blogging community get in cheer and laughter. You don't just take amazing photos, but you make great humor too. I like your blog :)

  6. Thanks Bhavesh, I like when people laugh at me...uhh...I mean laugh with me!