Saturday, March 20, 2010

How to pick up women...

Always show them your best side...

I was thinking about all the young folks out there struggling to figure out the meaning of life...or more precisely, the meaning of the fairer sex. Youngsters always seem to have difficulties with dating, so here you go, the answers to the deepest questions of life.

Good luck.
A nice little peck on the cheek is always appreciated.

As you can see, women are NOT impressed with fighting.

Make sure you wave politely when you see an attractive prospect.

You can always impress them with a great singing voice...sort of...

Practice smiling.

Always speak to them nicely.

Or maybe just a quiet time together.

Women always love the bling, nothing like a nice gold chain...

Special hint to my nephew, drag racing doesn't work...

Show off your flashy outfit.

Show them your impressive new will be theirs eventually...

Just be careful what you're getting into!


  1. This might be a repeat...not sure the last one worked...but it said: This is fabulous! especially like the sandpiper waving, and all the others too. Happy First Day of Spring!

  2. Thank you for a good laugh! You have a great sense of humour. Is it kind of door bell below the place where the nest is made?

  3. Thanks Susan! I knew spring would get here it's going to snow...oh well.

    Luize, The Barn Swallows were nesting on top of a fire sprinkler at the Ottawa Visitors Center. They have since blocker the area, but put up small platforms for them.

  4. Thanks Dave for explanation! Now I see. What a clever bird! No need for fire-escape.

  5. Hi Dave,
    This is a gorgeous post mate!!! Your blog is very entertaining and I wonder if our feathered friend will enjoy it ;-) Got a oot of ebautiful pictures too and the text is jsut wonderful!

  6. Hi Chris! I'm glad you got a laugh again! Please don't try any of these hints at home, Val may not like it!

  7. That's extremely funny, and great pictures.

  8. Oh Dave, You just craCK me up, as always!! Reading your blogs, it's easy to practice smiling! Great pictures!!

  9. Anything for a good chuckle Bob!

    Binaca, it's TOO easy to make you laugh!

    Thanks everyone!

  10. hee hee..excellent post!I just tweeted this out to twitter..made me laugh.

  11. Thanks for the Tweets Dawn!

    Hi Nancy, welcome to the silliness!

  12. Hahaha.....very cute and funny too! You crack me up every time.