Friday, May 14, 2010

Special 'K'!

"I see you!"

Oh, it's definitely a Special K...but not the Kellogg's cereal....THIS Special K was spotted this morning by our other Special K, Kenn Kaufman on the beach at Magee Marsh!

There's a lot more to Magee than the boardwalk, not to mention the outstanding Ottawa NWR! Make sure you get around to all of the sites during the Biggest Week in American Birding because you never know what may be out there!

Here's another view of our stealthy him yet?

You know, when every camera is silent...mine is still shooting!
What is this elusive and very rare booty?

Is this enough for you to figure it out?

You won't find these field marks in any of your field guides!

There he is! A rare and wonderful Kirtland's Warbler!

Look for him and more at BSBO this weekend! The weather is good for a great number of new warbly things this weekend!