Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Hope Rekindled...

The entrance to the surprising 'Meadowbrook Marsh.'

Maybe you noticed my last post, maybe not. Being a negative sort of individual, I had lost hope in the world's handling of the natural world...among other things that have pissed me off of late, moron politicians and war mongers, people that think health care is wrong(?!), big corporations and their greed, I could go on for a very long time, but why bother...

So anyway, Sunday we went to this small township park called "Meadowbrook Marsh." We learned of this park through our buddy Cheryl "The Weedpicker" Harner. She knows all of the little known hot spots in our fair state!

It seems that the trustees of Danbury Township aren't your run of the mill greedy politicians. These people actually are thinking about the future! My hat's off to these fine folks for the work that they have started. This is a great wetland and open meadow area to view all sorts of wildlife, birds, butterflies, dragonflies and more. I can't wait to visit again in the spring during warbly time!

If you're in the Marblehead area, make a visit, you'll be happy you did.

They have an outstanding viewing platform for you to go out and stand on.

August is definitely "Butterfly Season"
This is a Black Swallowtail.

A pair of Cabbage Whites.
They were accidentally introduced from Europe in the late 1800's.

Not this pair, the species...sheesh, I gotta explain everything...

Where's Waldo?
There's a nice woodland area as well as marsh and meadow.
This time of year the birds are a little harder to spot! Like this Cedar Waxwing.

Doodles got a better shot than me of this Clouded Sulphur.
So, I'll steal it...don't tell her...shhh....

This is my Clouded Sulphur shot. Oh well...

This Common Buckeye was giving me the crazy eye...I hate that...

Here's what he looks like from the side. Look quick, cause he'll fly away!

This is a Common Whitetail, lots of dragons flying in the marsh.
I need to get waders so I can chase them!

These Giant Swallowtails are not very common to see around here!
This was has had a very rough summer...

Did I mention that there were a few birds hiding in the woods?
These House Wrens were all playing hide and seek with us.

For now, I'll stick with the butterflies like this Monarch.
They're out in the open at least...

This is a Pearl Crescent on Clover.
Yes, this is a very small butterfly!

These Red-spotted Purples were all over the gravel drive through the woods.

Oops! This isn't a Monarch!
It's a Viceroy, a little lower on the royalty scale...

I'll leave you with a Monarch BUTTerfly!

I am on a search for good news in nature. If you have anything interesting and enlightening, please feel free to contact me!


  1. Wow Dave, this looks like paradise. See not all people are stupid, some think about future ;-) Well done on spotting the cedar waxwing, it was not easy to see it on the picture ;-)

  2. Really good pictures Dave, especially the Monarch, it's beautiful.

  3. Hi Chris! I guess there are still a few good people left in the world, I won't give up yet. One day you'll pay us a visit and we'll show you the birds of Ohio!

    Thanks Bob. I hadn't posted many butterflies, but after seeing so many on your blog and enjoying them, I thought, what the heck.

  4. Love the wren and all the butterflies. I love how you call warblers "warbly things." I was telling my kids about it and now a couple of them use the term as well.

  5. Thank you Cindi. Ya know, "Thingus Warblyus" is the proper Latin term...really...

  6. To Bobb's Dad:
    Just because I think it's important to remind you that your support of BSBO is justified, here's a little tidbit from Kenn's Birding Crane Creek - Magee site that has been there since early April!

    Located on E. Bayshore Road one-half mile west of Dempsey Access.
    Amenities: Picnic table, park benches, observation deck, paved biking/walking trails, grass and mulched walking trails along the prairie and in the forest. Scenic views of wetland marsh. For information about the marsh, click here and here for a map.

    Directions: Follow State Route 2 to State Route 269N in Danbury Township (Exit 125A-B). Exit at 269N and continue northbound following Exit 125A until it terminates at State Route 163. Turn east and follow State Route 163 to Englebeck Road . (Englebeck is directly across from N. Shore Blvd. and Windjammer Restaurant). Turn south on Englebeck. Continue until Englebeck terminates at E. Bayshore Rd. (CR 135). Turn East. Follow E. Bayshore approximately one-half mile. Entrance to Meadowbrook is on the north side of E. Bayshore Rd. and is marked by a large “Meadowbrook Marsh” sign.


    My friend Diane Roszak has been heavily involved in the fight to establish Meadowbrook Marsh and I asked her to send me some info so we could add it to our birding sites of interest section. I have not had the time to go out there myself, and I am oh so grateful to you for sharing your experience. I'm actually considering making this one of the sites for the 2011 Biggest Week "off the beaten boardwalk" bus trips!

    I'm going to send a link to your post to Diane and let her know that they definitely did the right thing by rescuing this lovely piece of property from development!

    Many thanks, and thanks to Cheryl for turning you on to the place!

    Hugs to you and Doodles! And Kitty Meow Meow Head says that he would LOVE to eat Bobb!) OOPS, *ahem* He means MEET Bobb! M.E.E.T.

  7. Hi Kimmay!!
    Who's my buddy? Now I'll have to go back to Kenn's post to see if I missed anything.
    This park was on the front page of the Ottawa County Beacon paper today...what a coincidence!

    I look forward to meeting Kitty Meow Meow Head...without Bobb...