Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Getting Twitchy!

And they even signed it for me!

Yes I know, it's hard to believe that I can actually read. Butt it's true! Thank you Collinwood High!

The Biggest Twitch fills my lunch breaks at work with the wonders of birding the world. Every chapter leads you somewhere exciting, somewhere unknown before, somewhere mysterious. If you have ever birded outside of your own patch or if have ever dreamed of birding outside your home, this is an outstanding book to read.

Ruth Miller and Alan Davies chucked everything to attempt to break the record for seeing the most species worldwide in a year. And I thought we were daring getting the BirdMobile to be closer to Magee Marsh! With the help of many friends including the amazing folks from our buddies at Tropical Birding, they toured the globe on their quest.

There's something for everyone, sex, violence, plagues(well diarrhea is pretty close!), adventure and even birds! Ruth and Alan alternate writing chapters and describing their feats of daring do on their quest to see more in a year than I'll see in a lifetime.

The Biggest Twitch is available at the Black Swamp Bird Observatory, and on Ruth and Alan's website, "The Biggest Twitch."

We met Alan and Ruth in person at this years "Biggest Week In American Birding" festival.
If you get the opportunity to hear them speak, you will not regret it!

Bobb posing with his other hero, Toco the Toucan.
Toco traveled the world with Ruth and Alan on their quest.


  1. Twitchy. I wish them a happy travelling Bobb & Toco.

  2. Hi Bob, Toco flew off and left Bobb all alone.