Thursday, October 7, 2010

Mystery at Magee Marsh!

Of course I have a butt shot!

I'm always excited when I find a file of photos that I forgot about...except when it contains birds I can't identify!

I actually have three different days from my little weekend forays into Magee Marsh with my little camera. These shots are from August 7th of this year. I do remember a lot of fledgling birds about. Very hard to ID fledgling birds...possible Eastern Wood-Pewee...or was it a Eastern Phoebe...hmmm...

And then there's this little fellow. When I first saw him preening, I thought he was a Common Yellowthroat(I'm still leaning that way) fledgling. Look at his bill, he still has the yellow edges, but it looks so big for a Yellowthroat. Too small for a Tanager or and Oriole. Must be a Warbly-thing. Help me out here. I'm tired and can't think. Yeah, I heard that! It's worse than usual.

This is low right along the creek after he was preening.

I followed him(or her) for about thirty feet, until he went up into this tree then back into the marsh.

This is an easy one!
It's a juvenile Bald Eagle with an Eastern Kingbird on his back!
I was taking photos of him as he flew over my head, when I realized he had a passenger.
I shot as fast as I could, but he was zigging as my camera was zagging and this is the best I got.

Pretty cool!

I'll be at the Ohio Ornithological Society conference at the Radisson Hotel in Eastlake Firday and Saturday. Stop by and say "Howdy-do" if you're in the area!