Monday, October 4, 2010

Uh...a post on Monday...

A Timberdoodle for the Doodles!

Yep. Monday. My brain itches. You're on your own...

American Redstart taking off.
He can't deal with me either...

Black-and-White Warbler booty for Kimmay.

Blackpoll Warblys have cute little yellow footies.

Yes, that says footies!
Black-throated Blue can tell it's a she because of that look on her face.
I see that a lot.

A Black-throated Green Warbly showing his lack of a black throat.
Still green though...

Hunch backed little creep!
Brown Creepers will not let me take their picture!

"What? I suppose you have something silly to say about me too!"
Cape May Warbly things can be very touchy...

These are Mark Shieldcastle's hands.
He likes to point at parts of Common Grackles and taunt them.

After being freed, the Grackle took out his frustrations on this little defenseless berry.

Look, an almost motionless Golden-crowned Kinglet!

This butts for you.
Can you guess what it is?
You'll have to, because I'm not gonna tell. So there.

It's a two-butt Monday.
I'll tell you this ones name.

It's a yrufdbdurajwjdsf Warbly thing.

This is how I feel.
I'm a cranky Northern Cardinal.

"I'll bite you!"

Where's Waldo?
There's a warbly thing in there somewhere!
Find the Ovenbird.
Now you know how much I enlarge some of these pics!

Once again, the wrong end of a Red-breasted Nuthatch.

Mark had a Rose-breasted Grosbeak at bird banding.
"You can tell by the wing pattern why it's called a Rose-breasted Grosbeak."
(He didn't really say that...)

Here's a Rose-breasted Grosbeak hiding from Mark and his mist net...

Wow, almost a whole shot of a Wood Thrush.
Look out National Geographic!

For some reason, this photo of a Yellow-bellied Sapsucker looks like a museum display.
It's not, it was on the Magee boardwalk.
Well, not actually on the boardwalk, but near the boardwalk.
Is that clear?

Oops. How'd that photo get in here?

There we go. A Yellow-rumped Warbly thing from the proper angle.

I now return you to our regularly scheduled programming.
Thank you for your patience.

*By the way, the "yrufdbdurajwjdsf" Warbly thing is a Nashville Warbly.
The other un-named warbly thing is simple, just look at it's tail pattern!


  1. Great post, Dave! And a great big Kimmay hug for the black-and-white booty shot! Please pass the hug along to Doodles when you're done with it!

  2. Excellent Dave. The kinglet is my favorite in this post. I finally managed to see a firecrest in France and add it to my birdy list. unfortunately, no pictures ;-)

  3. Yea Kimmay!! Huggies to you and Kenny K too!

    Thanks Chris, I would love to see a Firecrest one day(and maybe get a photo from behind)!

  4. Love the Cape May! A birdiful post.

  5. Thanks Penny!

    You're always too kind, Bob. Thanks

  6. An entertaining read and series of pictures Dave. I hope Mark kept a tight hold of the Grosbeak so that you didn't get a painful nip. "Timberdoodle" that name always makes me LOL but it sure is descriptive.

  7. Thanks Phil. Mark made it out alive without the Grosbeak attacking! Now the Cardinal was a different story...