Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas at Magee...

A Christmas gift for me! A Hermit Thrush in winter

While the Doodles was visiting her boys in Las Vegas( where it's NOT snowing!) I was supposed to be working on a frozen pipe and leak at the BirdMobile. I soon discovered that I am NOT a plumber...and gave in the the call of Magee Marsh.

Not a creature was stirring...well no human type creatures anyway. It was very peaceful and covered with a cozy blanket of snow. A good day for a quiet walk in the woods.

As you can see, this shot was taken at a lower angle than usual.
This is where I slipped and fell down. DOH!
The camera is fine, and I liked the way things looked from down here anyway...

What a surprise to find a Hermit Thrush on the boardwalk!
He popped up from underneath the walk and came quite close.
We talked for a little bit, actually I did all the talking.
Why do you think they call them "Hermit" Thrushes?

All through the marsh you could hear the sounds of squeaky toys. I thought Santa must be near!
Then I realized it was just the Downy Woodpeckers talking about their sore heads...

The Bald Eagle's nest grew a luck on locating the Eagles though...

That little dark spot in the middle?
That's a Coyote on the frozen lake. He kept an eye on me as I walked along the beach.

A little clump of feathers...someone had lunch here!

You're never alone in the woods.

It was a little breezy..and a little chilly as well!
I don't remember seeing this much ice on Lake Erie in quite some time.

A Northern Cardinal will always brighten the darkest day.

This is not a photo of a Winter Wren.
I gave up on chasing him around these stumps and tangles.
Wrens make me dizzy...

Deer season is over.
You can tell because I got very close to this White-tailed Deer!

I'll leave you now with this Christmas wish for you all,
I hope you all get some fine booty today and in the New Year!