Friday, February 18, 2011

Angry and Agitated About Accipiters!

Bob the Coop says "WHAT!!"

I am unable to be kept accountable for the inaccurate accounts of the avifauna we call Accipiters as my ability to accidentally identify them is abysmal. I have now accomplished my alliteration assault and shall not assail you any, aaahhhh, more. Ack.


Coop again?

Oh, great. Spread your stoopid wings and hide your tail.
Like it's not hard enough already to figure you out!

This is my first Accipiter shot from 2004...Coop or no?

This was the first of our semi-annual Cooper's Hawk
Thanksgiving Dinners!

This is also in our front garden.
He was late for Thanksgiving, but he showed up for Christmas.
He's looking for his gift...

This was Christmas Day 2009.
He was so polite to wait at the French Cafe in our back garden for his meal.

Amazing, this is the day after Christmas last year!
Everyone should have a Holiday Hawk!

My favorite Sharp-tailed from a few posts ago.
Once again keeping the inventory in control at the feeders!

One more European Starling down the hatch!
We saw this guy in a heavy rain while visiting a friend in Chicago.

Even he's angry about his identity!

This is the no longer hungry Sharpie from a few weeks ago.
All of the birdies can relax and go about their business now...

It's not that I like this photo, I just didn't realize I added it twice and I'm too lazy to delete it.
I could have just left it here without saying anything to give you something to comment on, but I thought it would be more interesting to leave it in and make a comment on my own about the fact that this is here twice and on top of that it's a little fuzzy, do to the fact that it was kind of far away and I can be quite the crappy photographer when I feel the mood strike, speaking of striking, I sure am glad this guy didn't strike me, it could have scratched my lens not to mention damaging my hat or the little hair that is still clinging on for dear life on top of my tete.
Okay, I'm done...for now.

Yeah, done...

Oops. Did I do it again? Gosh, can you believe that I would do that twice in a single post? It's like I have nothing else to post today so I'm filling up space with my rambling nonsense about these wacky Accipiters and how their identities make me angry and agitated.
Oh, there I go again. I'm sorry. I'll stop now. Really, I will. Okay, now. Or now. How about NOW.

Boy, I can get some real doosies, huh?


  1. You crack me up. But I can understand your agitation. I try really hard to learn how to tell them apart and it's as if it goes in one ear and out the other. Your photos, however, are amazing. Someone will be able to tell you!

  2. Hahaha! :-)
    (Spring is in my yard...the Red-winged Blackbirds arrived last night!)

  3. Thanks Karen! I always have a hard time with Accipiters...and Gulls(white, light white, dark white...!)A little super glue should fix those cracks...

    Hi Kelly!

  4. HaHaHaha. If I can't see the tail on Coops or Sharpies, I'm into ID Fail! Angst Abounds. Sorry.

  5. I'm glad you can see the funny side of sorting out Coops and Sharpies Dave. Fortunately we dont have that problem here we only have Accipiter nisus to worry about, unless of course you include Gos, a real accipiter. They are handy for keeping down the Starlings though.

  6. Very nice pictures of both! We have a resident Coopers that torments our feeders off and on... I love it!

  7. Hi Kathy, don't feel bad, you're amongst the many with ID fail!

    Thanks Phil. I like the name "Accipiter GENTILIS", for the not so gentle Goshawk! Eat them birdies!

    Thanks Chad, gotta love them feeder feeders!

  8. Dave- Where you find Cooper's you will nearly always find Goshawks. Where you find one Goshawk there is nearly always more than one. That Christmas accipiter is most certainly a goshawk. Compare the head size with the body. The tail is very broad at the base and the broadness is continued throughout the tail length. The best Nelson Briefer- Goshawk specialist- Anacortes, WA. My ebook "The man who saw too many goshawks" is available from