Wednesday, February 16, 2011

No Signs of Spring...

Accipiter. From Behind.
Sharpie or Cooper's?

No signs of "Spring" here! Fine. Go through my last post again and click on the landscape pics. NOW do you see the signs of "SPRING?" I try so hard sometimes...maybe too hard. Don't worry, I'll soon find something new to torment you with! MWA-HA-HA-HA!!!

So, where were we? Oh yes, Wildwood Preserve Metropark in Toledo. This preserve was formely the estate of Robert Stranahan, the founder of the Champion Spark Plug Company.
Now it's a gorgeous place for birding with good trails, feeders, boardwalks and historical buildings...but no springs...

Now I know why so many birds were roosting close to this guy.
I wonder who he had for lunch...

Feeders galore for the birds.
The Doodles eats seeds, being a veggie head.
I had to drag her away.
Silly girl.
I want a hamburger.

This is a boardwalk.
We didn't walk on it.
But you can walk on it.
Maybe with a little less snow you could walk on it.
Or not...

No, this Blue Jay wasn't singing.
He was flipping little seed bits in the air, then catching them.
Blue Jays are show offs.

This is a tree with a hole in it.
There's nothing in that hole.
You can check if you want.
Told ya.

Tufted Titmouse...still a funny name.
He's angry that I laughed at his name.
He is also angry because I tried to steal his peanut.
I was hungry...

So many jokes about nuts...the Doodles said NO!

Fine, the Squirrel didn't think it was funny either...

Downy Woodpecker.
I've been grounded by the Doodles.

Good night, I have to go to my room now.