Monday, February 14, 2011

Signs of Spring!

You knew, somewhere in the back of your mind, that this was going to happen!

The February thaw came at least a little bit of a thaw. Me and the Doodles were just being lazy at the BirdMobile and thought we could feel a little more 'spring' in our step. So, off we went, on another adventure to see if we could find any signs of spring out there. We stopped at Northwood's Nature Trails Park, always a good place for a walk...

AND! We found a few signs of wasn't easy either...but I do these things for you...really.

A pair of American Tree Sparrows showing their utter disgust for me.

Don't turn your back on me! I'm just looking for signs of spring!

Horned Larks frolicking in the snow?
I don't think that's a sign...

We don't see these guys very often...
It'll be even less often if they keep playing in the street!

Oh, there's a sign of spring!
Buds on the trees!

Bald Eagles are busy with their nests...and their eggs!
Except for this guy...he's making a grocery run.

This is the Doodles being patient.
For "Birthentines"* day, she got to pick where we went, though she still had to put up with me.

*Birthentines is the combination of her birthday and Valentines day which fall way too close together!

Spring is coming up almost everywhere you look!
Sometimes you have to look really hard!

No, this photo isn't sideways OR upside down!
It's a Red-breasted Nuthatch and they're just a little screwy.

Poor Squirrely, he's gotta eat leaves for lunch.

Well, I still think spring is in the air!
And I have the photos to prove it!
So there.

The end.

* Have I mentioned the "Featured Bird(butt) Blogger of the week yet?
Huh, I could have sworn I did.



  1. Simply excellent... and what sings of spring, already!!! Don't tell that to a man who is still under snow cover... hooo sorry you still are too ;-) I love the last picture, so typical of you ;-)

  2. Ha I love the spring in the air photo... And man those tree sparrows sure do look angry!

  3. Hahaha!
    also...Happy Birthentines to Doodles!

  4. I love your photos and your sense of humour, er humor, (I'm Canadian). I, too, am acquiring a growing collection of bird bottom photos.

  5. Hee hee...Glad you all have signs of spring:) Spring has sprung a while ago here..its pretty much summer in Florida.
    I hope all that white stuff is gone before we get up there.

  6. Thanks Chris. I'm glad you didn't get hurt reading this post.

    Jen, you gotta watch those Tree Sparrows...can't be trusted.

    Ranger Anna! You must've been the first to see all of the springs! You win the spring!

    Hi Kelly! Doodles says thanks!

    Kathy, you know it's okay to be Canadian now. Aren't booty's the best?!

    Dawn...Florida...that's cheating!