Thursday, March 17, 2011

A Snow Free Photo Spree At Magee...

No song is so sweet as the song of the Sparrow.

I know, I complained too much about the snow. Now I have one hundred and ten followers that are pi$$ed off too. Sorry about that. No more talk of that dirty white stuff. Unless of course, it snows again...

As I said in my last post, we finally made it out to Magee Marsh, AND THERE WASN'T SNOW ON THE GROUND! We were there a little late in the afternoon after our outings in other areas, so it was a bit quiet. Which is fine every now and then. A nice peaceful walk in the woods with the Doodles is always a good thing. Shhhh.

These three Bald Eagles broke the silence with their argument over this territory.

Another one of Loopy's crappy photos!
See that arrow? There's a Bald Eagle's head right there.
I try.

Speaking of crappy about this Common Grackle trying to get away from me?
Oh, I got talents...

Ya know how I'm always hoping that Canon is going to send me that 800mm lens?
See that Common Merganser WAAAAY out in the middle of the lake?
Yeah, that little black dot.
Imagine what kind of crappy photo I could get with that big lens.
Totally awesome I expect...

This is a Downy Woodpecker looking for the proper pecking area on the wood.
They got skills.

This would not be the proper pecking area.

Not Alaska...

Just as that little Bufflehead was coming on for a splash landing,
wacky Mr. Shoveler has to get into the picture.
Gotta watch those guys...

Fine, now I want to take your photo and you fly away...
Wacky ducks...

Flying Sandhill Crane booty.
What other blog can you find stuff like this?
Huh? Right. NO WHERE!

Ten Trumpeters trumpeting...

I'll leave you with my favorite Trumpeter Swan.
Good ol' 3A0!
I can always count on her to be around...just like the Doodles.
Except the Doodles doesn't honk.
Unless she's in her car...and some one is in her way.
Look out for the Doodles.
I'm getting a little punchy.
Must be this silly daylight savings time thing.
Go away, I'm tired.
Oh...wait...I'm the one that's typing.
Never mind.


  1. Spring is coming soon:) I wish to have EF-800mm too:)

  2. Yea, I can't talk about it, the SNOW SNOW SNOW, thats about it, 'til it is November. The crappy pictures that you sent, are bloody marvelous. EF 800 lens is too big for me, I can only reach reach the EF 500, I think.

  3. I think we need a little more patience Kah-Wai!

    Thanks Bob! I guess I could settle for a 500mm...I hope Canon is reading this...

  4. Lovely images. Spring is arriving here in the UK.

  5. Yeah, he quacks us all up. Geeze, what am I like in 2nd grade? Quacks us up? I needs to get out more.

  6. Thanks Andrew!

    Dawn...I try so hard to be serious...oh well.

    Marianna from's that for 2nd grade?