Monday, March 14, 2011

"Hey Look! A Crane!"

A Crane on a hill...not a sand hill...

Me and the Doodles finally made it out to the BirdMobile after being snow bound for the last few weekends. We made a quick tour of all of our favorites, Medusa Marsh, Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge, Magee Marsh and Meztger Marsh.

As you can tell, these photos are all excellent candidates for my "International Crappy Photo Day" post...but there are so many to choose from, I thought I would make you suffer through them only once. I'm such a nice guy...

The best part of these photos? There isn't any snow! Yep, no snow at the BirdMobile! It's amazing the difference 75 miles west makes...still didn't help my photo skills was I, oh yeah...We're driving out of Meztger Marsh when the Doodles yells out "Hey look! A crane!" (Mind you, it's "spring" technically and Sandhill Cranes are due here soon.) Being the good soul mate that I am, I say "Oh...ha-ha...that's a good one." (read it just like that, with no emotion.) Then I look up a little, and what did we spy with our little eye...?

Why looky there! There really are Sandhill Cranes here!
Boy, you should have seen the look on the Doodles face!

A day without a Bald Eagle is like a day without sunshine.
Bald Eagle, check.
Sunshine? Nope.

We did end up with TEN Bald Eagles on Sunday, woo-hoo!

Add Buffleheads to the list of birds that don't like me.
Maybe because I was making fun of their big feet...

I walked to one side..they flew to the other.
Fine. Be that way. See if I care.
Stoopid ducks.

Honked off Canadians.


Crappy Photo Award Winner!
Horned Lark butt.
I got mad skills.

I can even get a crappy profile.
Amazing aren't I?

Did I mention the ten zillion Trumpeter Swans that were flying north...then south...then north again...then west...
Wishy washy birds...

Look! A Killdeer that's not in a parking lot!

Oops, I spoke to soon...

Click on this shot and check out his eyes.
Yep, there is definitely something screwy about Shovelers!

Doodles thought this was a juvenile Bald Eagle, I said it was a Turkey Vulture.
Huh, we were both wrong, go figure!
It's a dark morph Rough-legged Hawk.


Hey, just like politicians...these Coots can't figure out which way to go either!

Lucky you! That's all fer now!

Beware...Bobb the chipmunk will be back from hibernation soon! As you all know, chippers are afraid of hawks and Bobb will have info on how to spot them from a distance!


  1. Hi Dave,
    I will sign right now for spring and bufflehead that I've never seen!!

  2. Hey, I like Shovelers...

    Imagine my surprise when I clicked on the link!

  3. I like the whimsical effect here! :)

  4. Hi Chris...I'll right you down as one vote for spring!

    Always thinking of you Cheryl!

    Troutbirder, thanks! I hope the effect isn't harmful...

  5. Youiks. Thanks for stopping by. You probably stumbled into my semi nasty "review" blog. My other one of about birding and nature in general.

  6. I was in a bad mood this morning - until I read this post. Love it.