Saturday, March 12, 2011

Spring My @$$!

...sign language...

You may have noticed a running theme here. If not, you probably live south of me and just don't understand the frustration of 50 degrees and sunny and 20 degrees and...uh..not sunny. The taunting of spring is starting to wear a little thin around here.

I've seen a few Robins. The Turkey Vultures are back, though according to Bob Hinkle, until March 15th they're are known as Red-headed Blackbirds. We have Red-winged Blackbirds at the feeders as well as Common Grackles. All signs of spring. Six inches of snow? Not a sign of spring. You have a nice day in South America. I'll be thinking of you. #@&*$!

Do you think any butterflies will show up today?

I do not like snow, Sam I am.
I do not like it one little gram.

WOW!! A new yard bird for us!
You may remember my post on these birds nesting at Magee Marsh a while ago,
who would have thought I'd find a Snowball Finche perching in my own garden!

American Tree Sparrows are very impatient.
He's staring at an empty ground feeder.
I'll fill it as soon as I clear the driveway!

This is "Killer." He's the Song Sparrow from Hell.
We have had up to six Songs feeding in our gardens lately...until this guy shows up and flaps his wings and chases the others out.
Very territorial, this one!

"Mornin' Dave"
Mornin' Dove.

These poor Red-winged Blackbirds will just sit and stare at me saying:
"What the heck is with all this snow?!"

White-throated Sparrows can hop faster than I can shoot...

Song Butt.
Enjoy the snow.
I gonna take a nap now.


  1. I share your frustration Dave sitting up here at the 45th parallel. A few bold robins have made there way up here but a Red-wing blackbird sighting seems like a pipe dream.
    Spring my @$$!!

  2. Springman...I'll have to send you my spring!

  3. I hear ya, dude. As of today, I'm officially tired of winter. And I love winter. And in May, I drive back to winter. But in Ohio, it needs to be spring.

    Oh, wait, you've got that covered.....

  4. Well just like over here mate.... The spring is still far away from here... But we got nice sun today and I hope you will get some light!!!

  5. Ha! Love your sense of humor. I know how you feel. I wish the snow would just go away. This coming week is going to be a bit warmer so hopefully Spring will get here soon.

  6. Spring storms sometimes bring in unexpected visitors. With a late spring, once it comes, it's fast and everything responds.

  7. I'm ready for spring too!
    Fun shots!

  8. Hi Dave. I think I would go stir crazy if our winter (plus snow) lasted this long. I'm complaing about damp, dreary days but that's nothing compared to your situation. Stay positive and enjoy the snowbirds ... if you can.

  9. Hahaha........why do we live in Ohio?? You have wwwaaaaayyyyyyyy more snow than us, but I'm sick of it too. (Once spring is really here it's all worth it...if....)

  10. OH, we feel your pain... I am done, done, done - and we reached 50 degrees on Saturday, so I really shouldn't be complaining. Well, if you and Doodles want to winter in balmy Maryland - we always have room!

  11. Hey Y'all, what's Snow??
    I do remember it. I grew up in the snow belt in western NY state. 24+ inches in 24 hours, rember it well. Don't envy any of you uplanders. Cold, snow, more snow, bad sinuses, colds, chills... Yuck! I'll stay here in TX and sweat, but I sure do miss seeing birds in mating plumage. By the time they get here they're all just gray or brown. Hard to ID brown lumps of various sizes...
    Thanks for brightening my days so many times!

  12. Old Folks...what's Texans live such sheltered lives! You guys are welcome to visit us anytime when we have snow..we have extra shovels...

    Hi Bird Couple! We may have to visit you!

    Kelly...spring...soon...or we move.

    Frank, who'd have thought the English weather would be better than ours?

    Thanks Sarah!

    Yes-sir-ee Red, ya never know what will show up this time of year!

    Thank you Ginny!

    I'm sorry Chris...I forgot that your winter is MUCH longer than'll be fine!

    Marianne...time for a transfer!

  13. Hee Hee I am still cracking up about you sign language:) .. Butt I just can't relate to that snow being here in South America... It's hot here;)