Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Oh, Excuse me, Robin? WHERE THE HECK ARE YOU?!


FOUR TO EIGHT INCHES OF SNOW! That's what the bloody weather forecaster told me. I am no longer watching the weather forecast. Four to eight inches...sheesh. Like we don't have enough already! It's raining cats and dogs right now. Well, not really cats and dogs, but it is raining. AND THEN WE"RE GOING TO GET FOUR TO EIGHT INCHES OF SNOW! Oooo, I am so mad right now...I could type naughty words all over the place! Doodles would wash my mouth out with soap and I would be grounded for a week, so I won't use any naughty words...poopy-ca-ca-doody...sorry.

So, anyway...where are the damned Robins when you need them? Ick...snow...never mind.

I feel about like this poor kid right now.

"If I raise my wings like this, I can just float away!"

"Mommy! Tell us it ain't gonna snow no more!"

"Say, I look all spotty to you?"

Here's the original Robin for my UK buddies.
I hope their weather is better...

This is for the weather man...I'll be back when the snow stops...or maybe sooner...