Monday, March 28, 2011

Who Needs the EPA?

If you're viewing this blog, I think you will agree that this Black-and-White Warbler is a beautiful bird worth saving.

Right now, I am beyond angry. I wish I was an eloquent writer and could express my feelings in a concise and tactful way. But I'm just Dave, a birder and lover of all of nature.

But for how much longer? If you have read this blog or others similar to it, you are aware of the current attack on what we love. The highly intelligent individuals that have been elected to rule this land are hell bent on destroying it. "Deregulation" is there theme. "Big corporations know whats best for the world and we should let them take care of us." What do you think would happen if they dismantled the EPA? Do you really think the economy would improve? Do you believe that your current state of living would be better? How about that wildlife refuge you love to visit? Will it still be there. or will there be a coal mine, an oil well...or wind turbines?

I'm always amazed at the number of birders out there. So many polls claim that our group is one of the largest outdoor activity groups in the nation. And we all seem to have blinders on. "As long as they don't touch "MY" park, who cares." If you don't so something now, we'll all lose.

Doesn't anyone remember DDT? If it wasn't for the persistence of Rachel Carson and her book "Silent Spring" I might never have seen one Bald Eagle let alone a dozen in a weekend at Magee Marsh. Do you really believe ridding our nation of the EPA and regulation and letting big business do as they please will be good for nature?

Please write your Senators and Congressmen.

There is strength in numbers and YOUR voice will count!

Don't let this be our last sunset...