Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Kind of pointless...

That's how I feel about this blog right now. Only a few comments from my regulars on the last post, which I thought was bringing up a very important issue. Esmerelda stated how I feel..."Fiddling while Rome burns."

It's obvious that I will never make contact with the people that can change things. I'm not a millionaire or do I own a big corporation. Those folks don't read silly blogs about birds. And it's very clear that they don't care.

I received a reply to an email I sent Ohio Senator Rob Portman. He doesn't read your letters. Nor does his staff. They send out generic replies thanking you for your support. He let me know, once again, how wasteful the EPA and their regulations are. According to him, we need big business in Ohio, not nature.

I may be back someday...or not.

Thanks for stopping by. Go visit a park while you have time.