Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Point Is...

Juvenile American Robin.

The point is, the young people of the world! They have a right to be able to go outside and breathe clean air. They have a right to clean fresh water, for drinking and recreation! They have a right to able to see a the wild, free and flying!

These are things too many of us take for granted. I've been very upset about the state of the world and the people that THINK they are running it. I've been writing letters, some answered, some unanswered and a few answered by that moron, Senator Rob Portman of Ohio. But I digress. As I said, the point is we need to do everything we can to get a younger generation involved in the environment. We were all gung-ho back in the sixties and seventies. What happened? We all got busy with day to day life and forgot about all that we fought for.

Bird groups need to be more open to younger birders. ALL of us need to pay more attention to kids that show any interest in the natural world. Drag them outside if you have to, there might be something that sparks their interest. Show them something that you remember from your youth. You never know what can happen...

They might yell at you at first, like this Caspian Tern...

But if you show them a different way of looking at things, they might understand.
Wood Ducks understand.
Feed the youth and they will learn!