Saturday, April 30, 2011

A Day at Carlisle...

"Don't call me Butter Butt!"
Yellow-rumped Warbly things tend to be a little sensitive...

I really need to visit Carlisle Reservation more often...AND SO DO YOU! Ya know why? Because I have an exhibit of my pics there. It's titled "Things With Wings" and it will be up throughout the month of May. (Shameless plug.)

It seriously is a great park to visit in Lorain county. They have wonderful trails with different habitats and lots of birds! The also have an equestrian center if you feel like horsing around...
Anyway, click on the links hi-lighted in red for more info about Carlisle and their events!

Oh looky there! It's a picture of me, from behind!

This wall is all birdy things, the other wall has dragonflies, butterflies and more flighty things!

Their Raptor Center houses birds that can't be released back into the wild.
That Red-tailed Hawk kept a close eye on me!

Speaking of the Raptor Room...

A whole wall of bee-yoo-tiful raptors!
My ego is getting out of control now, the only photos they hung are mine!
Autographs anyone?...I'll pay you...

There are very large meadows with Swallows, Bluebirds and Sparrows.

The trails wind through the woods to wetlands, ponds and more.

They have an indoor wildlife observation area with feeders packed with birds.
Along with this American Goldfinch, we saw Titmouseseses and Nuthatches!

AND they have a handy guide of the common birds seen here...with photos by...ME(and a couple others)!

Blue-gray Gnatcatcher...catching gnats I suppose...

That "Witchety-witchety" sound gave this guy away!
Common Yellowthroats don't like their pictures taken.

When I first saw this butterfly, he looked a little ratty.
Then I noticed the little 'comma' on the wing...

It's an Eastern Comma, good name!
It's unusual wing design makes it very well camouflaged in the woods.

I kept following, and annoying, this little Sparrow.
I just couldn't figure him out, he was so plain.
He's a Field Sparrow!
I should have known, he was in a field after all...

I see the Frogs head...where are those bubbles coming from?
Now I know why ponds smell so bad...

Yea! It's my first Gray Catbird of the year!

Yes, you're right. That Muskrat IS saying "Duh, what?"
Not one of the smarter Muskrats in the marsh...

Whenever I get a Northern Cardinal in focus, no matter how distracting the background is,
I will post it.
One day, I'll get a good one...until then...

This bird confused me.
I saw the male Rose-breasted Grosbeak, and first thought this was the female.
(Sorry Jim, I was wrong!)
It's a Purple Finch, I haven't seen one of those in a few years!

This Red-winged Blackbird thought he was intimidating.
His stare down just made me laugh.
Then he flew away...mad...

Here's the male Rose-breasted Grosbeak, first of the year!
Maybe next time he'll turn around.
Butt, then it wouldn't be Birds From Behind, would it?

A matching set of Song

Tree Swallow. Shiny.
(I woke up twenty minutes later...)

A White-breasted Nuthatch.
My friend Bonnie, thinks bird names are pornographic.
She may be right...

Yellow Warbly Thing booty!!