Wednesday, May 4, 2011


You gotta believe that his breast is all rosy!

Doodles was looking out of the kitchen window Sunday...she stares out of the window a lot lately...ANYWAY...she spots a Rose-breasted Grosbeak and calls me over. Then we spot a female. Then we spot a youngster...then another...then another...THEN ANOTHER! Holy Grosbeaks Batman! A veritable Rose-breasted Brigade, a riot of rosiness, a gaggle of Grosbeakiness! Wowzers.

And we shall call him Number Two(not to be confused with #2!)

Number Two was curious about every feeder in the garden.

Number Three was casual and aloof.
I like that

Number Four could only think of food.
"What? I've been flying a long time!"

Thinking about going for a quick dip in the pond...that fish is a little scary though...

Hey look! There's one hiding in the French Cafe!
What, doesn't everyone have a French Cafe in their garden?

There's the hot babe!
The reason there's so many Grosbeaks in the garden!

By the way, we had our first Purple Finch Sunday as well.
The first in at least two years to visit our feeders!

AND our first Baltimore Oriole of the year!
Of course the stoopid Mourning Dove just HAS to get into the picture...

This is Hoover. He's named after the vacuum cleaner.
You can plainly see why...

He picks up more than our vacuum too!
If you need any Chipmunks, I have plenty to spare.
Pretty Please!?

Hey! It's time for...
If you'll be at Magee Marsh this weekend, look for me and the Doodles and say hello!