Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What I did on my Dave...the Loopy one...ahee.

I saw a Mallard. A girl one. Floating in the water. Ducks float good.

My name is Dave. I have a blog. You are reading my blog now. Read the blog. I went to a nature festival. It was the North Coast Nature Festival. They were nice to me. They let me show my burd pictures to people. Some people bought some pictures. Some people took some pictures. Some pictures I gave away. Some pictures I took home. Do you want some pictures?

I talked to people. The people talked to me. Sometimes we understood each other. I saw a possum. He was scary looking. They might let me out again next year. Beware. Be afraid.

I saw a Black-capped Chickadee. He had a black cap...and a bracelet. He must be rich.

These are eggs. No one is sitting on these eggs.
The Doodles wouldn't sit on these eggs either.

This is a Canada Goose. It is sitting on eggs.
Susan lives in Canada. Hello Susan.
Hello Canadians.

This is me and Laura Erickson.
We heard her talk. She talks good.
She's smiling because she knows I'll go away.

This is Bobb. He has a new friend, the scary looking possum.
Possums are crossed eyed.

The possums name was Bob.

Chuck the Beaver has binoculars.
Doodlette is a Doodle and doesn't have binoculars because she is a bird and doesn't have hands.
Bobbette and Bobb had binoculars.
They lost them.
Bad Bobb.

This is Joanne and Terry.
They are laughing at me.
See my pretty pictures next to them?
I will do anything to make people look at my pictures.
You are looking at my pictures now.
See, I told you.

See Paula? Paula is trying to hide.
See the people looking at my pictures?
Buy my pictures people.
Buy them now.

These are wild flowers.
They are not in a cage.
That is how you know they are wild.

See this flower?
It is odd.
I do not know what it is.
You will tell me.

These flowers are pretty.
And wild.
No cage, remember?

Doodles told me to be good.
You have to make your own caption.
Tell me in the comments.
If I laugh and stuff comes out my nose, I will send you something.