Sunday, April 17, 2011

Yard Birdin'

Yellow-rumped Warblys always make good yard birds!
I had to aim the camera straight up to get him, warbly neck already.

I had to stay home today to get "work" done around the house. As you may have guessed, I didn't get any done. After I ran a few errands and unloaded WRBLRZ, I heard this strange call in the back yard.

Laurie saw what she first thought was a Wood Thrush Friday, it turned out to be a Brown Thrasher! When they sing, they usually repeat everything twice...this was sounded REALLY odd. I was hearing things three and four times. And it wasn't just me, all the birds in the gardens were wondering what was up...

You'd look that crazy too if you were a Brown Thrasher thrashing!

And this explains why I heard so many repetitions!
There were TWO Thrashers thrashing.
The one on the left won in the end...

This is a very confused American Robin.
"What's up with that Thrasher?!"

Even the House Finches were perplexed.

The Northern Cardinal asked me to make them stop.
Though they aren't as noisy as my moron neighbor.

This is "Killer" the Song Sparrow.
He doesn't like any other Song Sparrow in our yard.
He also doesn't like all the racket from the Thrashers.


  1. Good seeing you this weekend, Dave!

  2. Oh, poor little 'killer'. The beautiful photos sums up the story.

  3. I always love your little stories to go along with the photos Dave.. Those Thrashers sure can bend their bodies. Ha!

  4. Wow you, again got a nice set of pictures and a fantastic touch in presenting them.... I love the little killer, he looks threatening but the trashing trashers are really my favs!

  5. Hi Bernie! Fun weather wasn't it?

    Thanks Bob. You Gotta watch out for that little Sparrow!

    Thank you Ginny. I remember when I could bend...

    Thanks Chris(my favorite Icelander!)

  6. You have some beautiful birds.
    Nice images, many thanks for sharing.

  7. Thank you for saying hello Andrew!