Saturday, May 21, 2011

Dun Yet?

Dunlins are so polite and orderly...

(*This post of shorebirds is especially for our good friend Chris!)

Another lovely day at Magee Marsh! We even managed to drag ourselves away from the boardwalk and go ALL the way to the beach...almost 200 feet! Can you believe that we made it that far? Well it was worth it! We don't often see these birds around Lake Erie, especially when the sun is shining and it's warm outside.

What was that I said about polite and orderly?

They're off!

...And now they're coming around the first "Tern" and heading home!

Hey, wait, come back! It was only a little tiny bad pun!

Hmmm...someone doesn't belong in here.
Look closely!

Yep, there's a Ruddy Turnstone here!
This was the first time me and The Doodles saw one in its beautiful breeding plumage.

Here's a little size comparison with a Ring-billed Gull.
You know, gulls are those gray birds that fly around lakes and parking lots...

Silly gray birds...

In case you're wondering, we DID make it back to the Land of Warbly Things soon after!


  1. Dunlins are beautiful, small and delicate. I tried to catch them on the Isle of Mull, but, as soon as I was near enough, they always just got up in a swarm and went away. They aren't photo friendly.
    You caught them, nicely.

  2. mean I don't have to go all the way to Florida to see these fellows? :-) A great sight for you!! I expected to see Bob the Chipmunk in the "who shouldn't be here shot," but I guess he was behaving!