Thursday, May 19, 2011

Flight of the Warblys...

A Cape May Warbly Thing preparing to zoom...

Or...International Crappy Photo Week, the extra special limited edition long version 2.0...

Yes dear children, it's that time again! Time to make you suffer through an excruciatingly long bloggity of some of my favorite crappy photos from May 6th. Yes, May 6th...and ONLY May 6th! Isn't amazing how many I can shoot in a single afternoon? The drizzle helped, as did me setting up the camera wrong...and a defective flash cable. Oh, and let's not forget the "Luck of the Loopy!" I shouldn't be allowed out alone with a camera.

Don't forget, there's that little red X at the top left of your monitor if you can't deal with this...but...what might you miss at the end, hmmm?

Blackburnian Warblys are masters of vertical zooming...

As opposed to Black-throated Blue Warblys...they zoom down.

Black-throated Green Warblys zoom to the left.
Tree hugging liberals...

Canada Warblys just sort of

A Chestnut-sided Warbly caught in Zoomus Interuptus.

Eastern Screech Owl. No zooming, just zzzzzzzzing.

A rare Golden-winged Warbly zoom!

Gray Catbirds don't zoom so much as do the hoppity thing.

Magnolia Warblys are kind of like Canada Warblys...sort of stretchy...

A Northern Parula doing a forward zoom.

Ovenbirds don't zoom, they Weebles...butt they don't fall down.

One day when you get enough shots like this,
you'll be able to ID this Palm Warbly zooming just like me.
Sad thought, isn't it.

This is a Ruby-crowned Kinglet twisting and shouting, not zooming.

I don't know what this Trumpeter Swan was doing.
He wasn't zooming, that's beneath their dignity.

The zooming of some fine Yellow Warblyness.

I'm not sure, but I think this angry little Yellow-rumped Warbly was attacking and not zooming!

With enough practice and a REALLY slow shutter speed, you too can catch an American Woodcock in the midst of a Doodley kind of zoom!

Now, aren't you glad you stayed until the end? I know you were...


  1. Your collection of zooming birds made me smile :-) Good start for my morning.

  2. Excellent Dave, again I still have cramps in my stomach and got a nice hick-up!! I love your jumping birds pictures like the 2nd one for example.... Gorgeous post Mate!

  3. It's funny, no doubts. A brilliant birdies.

  4. Nice "zoom" shots! I love the 'forward zoom' Parula...and you've gotta love ANY photo of a Blackburnian! And I don't even KNOW what's going on with that Woodcock!

    Would you mind if I used the Yellow rumped warbly shot as a reference for a drawing? I'm practicing wing anatomy right now, and that's an awesome pose to practice with...

  5. Thank goodness I am not the only one who does shots like these...humm and you have a super zoomie monster long thingy too..
    Mine is just a short point and shoot..Now I dont feel so bad..hee hee.

  6. Thanks Hilke! I hope I didn't ruin your breakfast...

    Thanks Chris, I'm glad I can cramp you up...I think...

    Thank you Bob...with a little more practice I may make something of myself!

    Yo Kristina! Who's my buddy? Feel free to use the pic!

    Hi Dawn, Queen of the "Warblurz!"