Saturday, December 10, 2011

Feelin ducky...

Green-winged Teal gang...very dangerous bunch to be around.

 Meanwhile...still at Sandy Ridge Reservation...
We haven't had a chance to get out to bird lately, so you'll have to look at the rest of our sightings from the past trip. Maybe next time I'll dig up some REAL oldies for you!

Pint sized compared to the Mallard.

A little Teal booty...

This Northern Shoveler was convinced he lost something in the marsh...

He looked high and low...mostly low...

I told this female Shoveler about the Republicans plan to eliminate the EPA. She was not happy.

Not a duck. A Pied-billed Grebe. I like pie.
Also not a duck. It's a Egret. Yes, I said "a" Egret. Great one too.

More non-ducks. Red-winged Blackbirds to be precise.

Back to ducks. Wood Ducks. Not really made of wood.

American Black Ducks.

American Wigeon
Yellow-rumped Warblers quite often spend the winter up here. Silly warblys!

An Autumn Amberwing, last of the dragonflies for the year.

Beware of beavers if you have a wooden tripod...or leg...

Egads. Gadwalls...

Great Blue Heron with...did I mention these guys lately? An American Coot.

Mallard choirs are not very good...nor are their conductors...

Northern Pintails were hiding among the reeds and grass.

"Am I drooling?"


  1. Brilliant Dave. You've come up with the ducks, a varied scene.

  2. We still have the odd flock of high flying geese go over. They hang around on rivers with open water. All lakes and ponds have ice thick enough to drive over.

  3. Great collection of ducks and photos. I love the pintails. Happy Holidays!

  4. I'm working really hard to learn my ducks. I have a long way to go, but I have made some progress this year. Great post!


  5. Excellent post Dave, and promise, I will not bring my old wood leg around your patch, and woow I did not know wood duck were not made of wood!!!
    Happy new year mate , and thanks for getting me so happy each time that I visit your blog... It is a delicious reading!!!

  6. hahaha...funny as usual...and so Dave: "Wood Ducks. Not really made of wood." Liked the conductor too... Happy New Year!

  7. Great post! Love the Egret and the conductor shot! Happy New Year you!!

  8. Hee are a goofhead and make me laugh! I wanted to share that my post of you on Birdingblogs made it to a favorite of Dale here