Sunday, January 15, 2012

"Ringing" in the New Year...

 I was in a hurry to get this shot and used the closest cell phone!

Sometimes it pays to be home sick. Sitting at the dining room table...with a fever...I saw something flash past the window. Now everyone knows that you sometimes hallucinate when you're under the weather and feverish, so I just sat there for a moment. "Hab a sip of...hack-hack...juze." (Like I said, I was sick and didn't sound so good!) Humph. It's still there, so it must be real.

I knew if I crawled for the camera it would disappear. So I crawled for my phone, and took a couple of shots through the window. The Doodles called around the same time and I told her what I saw. She remembered the time I saw a mink in the garden after I just arrived home from the medical center high as a kite. She didn't believe that...until she saw it herself.  I then emailed one to The Doodles...just to prove I wasn't hallucinating too much. She's a believer now...Even when medicated, I know what I see!

Garden visitor number 81...Ring-necked Pheasant. Who'd have thought?

As luck would have it, our new found garden friend has come back to feast and The Doodles got to see him at last!


You must remember, we're in the city. I have no idea where this guy came from, but I hope he stays!
The first butt of the year!