Sunday, January 22, 2012

Dishonesty in Politics?

 Mohican State Park...for now...

There have been quite a few ads in the media concerning the creation of jobs. Some ads go so far to say "Up to a million NEW jobs will be added!" These ads concern the pipeline from the tar sands in Canada and the practice of "fracking" to find natural gas.

Of course, the Republicans, with backing from the Petroleum Institute among others, are hoping that this will sway the American public to believe their stories. I'm sure a few hundred jobs would be created such as new landscapers, housekeepers and chauffeurs for the CEO's that will see a massive increase in profits and bonuses. But, I think for the normal hourly wage folks like me, this will all be meaningless.

Wouldn't it be wiser to invest in the infrastructure repairs that this country so desperately needs? And how about alternative energy sources. Even if we allow all of the drilling to go on, it will take years to recover the limited oil and gas and it won't last all that long. And think about BP's track record for "helping" the environment...

What has set me off this time? They want to start fracking and drilling in Mohican State Park here in Ohio. Weren't parks and refuges originally set aside for the enjoyment and relaxation for the common man? I guess it's time for me to move into the modern age. We really don't need these green spaces. What good is clean air if you can't drive your massive SUV down the block to the store?

I say let's get rid of the EPA and the parks right now. Just get it done and over with. Then we can finish destroying the human race and the birds will be much happier.

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 Will you see a Canada Warbler?

Don't destroy our parks!

Northern Parula.

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