Saturday, June 21, 2014

The Longest Twitch, Feeling Warm and Fuzzy..

We heard about a White-faced Ibis wandering about at Metzger Marsh, 
butt our luck with chasing rarities has never worked out too well.
We saw an suv from Texas parked along the road and the driver was waving madly as we drove up.
She spotted the Ibis!
Sometimes things just work out...

This is The Doodles ad for the new Kia Soul , the buggy for burders...

Of course, just as I put on a 2X converter, our little friend decides it's time to go.
Gosh, it sure would be nice to have a Canon 500mm lens...anyone from Canon out there?

 Metzger Marsh is our 32nd stop on the Lake Erie Birding Trail. It's only a few minutes west of Magee and Ottawa NWR right along Lake Erie's shore. This place is great for viewing ducks in the early spring and fall as they migrate through. There are a number of pull offs along the road in to stop and scan for shorebirds and waterfowl...and those cute little warblyz!

Speaking of warblyz...that looks like a Wilson's hiding in the grass...hmmm...

 Wait! Now he's in the tree!

There he is!
@#^&! Hold Still!

 In the meantime...there's a Common Moor...uh Gallinule...
Don't you hate when they keep changing names?

 When I titled this "Warm and Fuzzy," I really meant it was very warm out in the full sun of the afternoon, and that stoopid Wilson's was fuzzy!
Honest I was focused, that burd was blurry.
An unknown fact about warblrz, that can make themselves appear blurry.
That explains a lot, doesn't it?
Another burd lesson from the Loopyone.

(No one will get that joke but me...)

I am being tormented by this Wilson's Warbly!

The Doodles likes to laugh at me when I run around like a crazy(duh!) person.


Anyway...there's a path along the dike between the lake and the marsh.
Lots of good birds can be seen through here...and bugs...

Oh, give me a break!

Stoopid Chipmunk.
Keep laughing and you're gonna walk home!

Almost got you that time!

Oh look...being easily distracted, I noticed these Ruddy Turnstones preening after a rough morning of stone turning.

Ooo...there's that @%%#*! Wilson's again!

Great. The Bloody...oops...Ruddy Turnstones heard me yell and took off.

Are you going to do this all day?

I'll take pics of the cute little Yellow Warbly collecting grass for her nest.

Caught you while you weren't looking!
The ole fake out...

And there's my cute little Yellow buddy again.
She's laughing at me too.

Here's Willie giving me the raspberries!
One day, Wilson, one day!

I give up...


  1. I have that same kind of luck, esp. when trying to get a good shot of warblers. But I don't have your sense of humor. A few of those aren't bad, Dave! Love your new car. Pretty spiffy!

  2. Well, you did get an excellent focus on the Doodles! Funny how one little critter can make for long frustrating day. Good story.

  3. Lovely tour of Metzger. I have seen Ruddy Turnstones there too!

  4. Very nice tour of Metzger. I have seen Ruddy Turnstones there. Shorebirds! Love them!

  5. Lookin' good Doodles! Thank you once again Dave for making me giggle! Love your posts!

  6. My DIL is from guess a walk along this path is in my future.Hope. Hope.