Sunday, October 12, 2014

The Island Twitch that never seems to end...part...uh...3?

 This is a very angry Blackpoll Warbly in his fall finest.
He will eat your face.

Meanwhile...back on Kelleys Island...
Hard to believe how many places we visited on our short weekend visit! We hit four spots on the Lake Erie Birding Trail, that puts us at 38...only a "few" more to go... 

We also went to see our friend, Tom Bartlett's bird banding operation at Long Point, part of The Cleveland Museum of Natural History's preserves. Tom enjoys teaching visitors and residents of the island about the wonders of these birds and their amazing migratory adventures. Folks come away with a much better appreciation of our tiny friends and what they go through twice a year. Thanks Tom!

If you ever have the opportunity to meet Tom, do it! He'll be banding northern saw-whet owls sometime this month on the island, and he does the "Big Sit" every year(20 years in a row!) at The Biggest Week in American Birding.
 This is Tom talking nicely to a bird.
Sometimes he doesn't...

 Tom kindly showing off the butt of this American Redstart.
He's so helpful!

 Don't worry, The Doodles didn't kill that bird.
It's just tired from his flight and is resting.
Within a few moments, off he flew and on to South America!
And that's why he needed a little rest.

 Lincoln's Sparrows are much more comfortable skulking around in the leaves and debris than in your hand.

 Did I mention that there are a few Grove Snails on the island?

 Back to birds...
Swainson's Thrushes are much calmer than sparrows.
 Black-capped Chickadees were abundant...and fast today!

 In between banding, we wandered around a few of the other parks and preserves.
We found this Least Flycatcher on the North Pond Preserve.

 Yep, that's a Magnolia Warbly hiding in the leaves.
They would not come out.
I even said please!

 You never know what you'll find in the woods...
Like an old truck from the 30's or 40's with trees growing through it.
I checked the spark plugs, they looked okay...

 And of course...just a few more Grove Snails.
If only I liked escargot...

 There were still a few butterflies like this Pearl Crescent floating about.

 Have you ever had a berry so tart that it made your head spin?

 This Philadelphia Vireo avoided that sour berries that made the others head spin.

 So...I was looking at the fruit on this flower and couldn't believe how bright they were.
"What is that stick on top?" I said as I was looking at the photo on my computer...

 Funny how you get so focused on one thing when you're out in nature and sometimes miss the bigger picture.
When I looked closer and followed the "stick" up the frame, I found that it was attached to something!
A Katydid!
What a surprise...The Doodles didn't notice it either, even when she was looking at the same thing with her 10X50's!

 The Doodles did spot this Wilson's Warbly hiding in the branches.
He never did come out to say hello.

So sad, we had to leave the island BEHIND!
Ha! Gotcha on that one!

There may be one more part to this island adventure...stay tuned!