Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Seen any Song Sparrows Lately?

 (I'm on the other side trying not to slide into that icy water!)

I didn't make it out this past weekend for birding...I managed to catch the lovely virus sweeping around our, these are from the previous there.

After looking for bear, but not bare(too cold!) I spent a little time at the Pond Brook Reservation. After speaking with the naturalist, I found out there's four river otters living there now! Of course they didn't show themselves for me. Maybe next time.

Butt what I did see...SONG SPARROWS! Lots and lots of song sparrows...along the brook, by the trails, along the access road, in the trees...jeepers! I heard a few other birds singing in the hopes that spring would hurry along, but mostly I saw song of my favorite little birdies!

 The American Goldfinches are getting gold again!

 If you hadn't guessed already...Song Sparrow...

 A rude little American Tree Sparrow flashing me.
Such behaviour...tsk.

 Another Tree Sparrow playing peek--boo.

 What are the odds...another Song Sparrow!

 This angry Dark-eyed Junco was charging at me like a mad bull!

 ...and a Song Sparrow hopping down the bunny trail...
 A cold and hungry Eastern Phoebe looking for frozen bugs.

 This is what a Song Sparrow looks like when it slips on the ice....graceful...

 These two male Wood Ducks were merciless in chasing that poor female around...

 ...and yes, another one of those whachamacallits...

 And the Wood Ducks are still at it...reminds me of a Marx Brothers movie...

I'll leave you with one final Song Sparrow of the day...until we meet again...


  1. Well, I saw song sparrows in Sept. 2015! does that count? I'm looking forward to when the song sparrows come and the woods are filled with music.

    1. Whenever you see it a song sparrow, it counts!

  2. Terrific series of images! Although it did make me feel cold, which happens any time the temp dips below 60.
    We only see Song Sparrows during migration down here in Florida and then only rarely. So your sparrow smorgasbord was a real treat for me. Thank you!

    1. Thanks Wally!...I must admit...I would rather be in least until May!