Wednesday, July 13, 2016

It Ain't Easy Bein' Green...

 "It's too hot!"
 I had a great walk Sunday in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park at the beaver marsh off Ira Road. This is always a busy area with joggers. bicyclists, walkers and even birders! This day was no exception with gorgeous clear blue skies and plenty of warmth...good for Loopy burd nerds, not so good for overheated Green Herons!

I was there for around 4 hours with most of the time spent watching this single Green Heron. Better than TV! When you watch a bird for a long time you actually learn a few things...and attract a lot of attention. "What do you see?" "Oh, that's a pretty bird!" "Are you looking at the turtle?" and my favorite..."Oh my, that's a big lens!"...ha! I don't think this guy has ever had such a large audience. Most of the folks I spoke with never would have noticed it. Best of all, it was a lifer for a fellow birder that I walked along with.

Meeting and speaking with new people is almost as good as watching the birds...

 He was showing off his smooth dance moves...

Now that's an impressive move!

 It's been pointed out that his legs and my legs are quite similar...

 Hmmm, that reminds me, I forgot my water and I'm thirsty too!

 The nice thing about can always make your own shade!

 He was watching an insect flying over...that's gotta be rough on the neck!

 I think it landed on his tail!

 ...or maybe it went under his nether regions...

 ...chasing his tail like a doggie!

 "I can't tell if that's the pond smell or me!"

 "Eesh...definitely the...uh...pond...yep...the pond."

 I was so busy gabbing with people I nearly missed lunch time!
*If you click on the photo and make it larger, you'll notice the nictitating membrane protecting his fun facts you only get from Birds From Behind!...sort of...

 Okay, imagine eating sushi...with no hands.
You have to catch the fish in the marsh with your mouth.
Then you have to be coordinated enough to flip it around so it goes down head first.
Good luck!
(I would starve to death...)

 And there it goes!
With a little duck weed garnish...fancy...
 This Green Heron was waiting for flying fish.
Not gonna happen buddy!

 And that's a day in the life of a Green Heron.
(Well, maybe a couple hours anyway...)

 Stop back soon for the rest of the days gorgeous finds!
See ya!