Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Success at Last...More From Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge...

 I heard a splash in the little crrek just across from me...was it an Otter?
Nope, I couldn't find a thing...nary a Soul...
One day you blasted otter! ONE DAY!

So...after viewing the Northern Saw-whet Owl...A LIFER... I went over to the Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge just down the road.They were having an anniversary event...with cake!...for the Friends Of Ottawa (of which I am a proud member!) After saying hello to friends inside, I went on the driving tour around the refuge. Though it was late in the afternoon, and I was full from the delicious food from Blackberry Corners (shameless plug for THE best pie!) I made it around the loop and even managed to see a few birds....just a few...

 Yep. M R DUCKS.
M R Gadwalls.
O S M R.

 I've been to Ottawa quite a few times.
I always love it when someone asks "Have you seen any eagles?"
I always say, wait a second then look up.
There was a least a dozen or more that I saw this day!

 A good day for Northern Harriers too!
I saw one at Magee and there were two in this field at Ottawa.
This guy chased the other away.

 It was fun watching him zoom back and forth low over the fields.
...sometimes hovering a bit in the wind...

 ...then dropping in to say "hello" to the critters below.
I never did see him catch anything, but he was on the ground for a few minutes a couple of times...enough for a quick snack?

 Northern Pintails...you can tell by the pin tails...and they're flying north...
See, you learned something today...alternative facts...that's what we got here!

 The real sign of spring around here is the Red-winged Blackbird.
This was a noisy one that loved hearing his own voice...hmmm...reminds me of someone...and not me!

 Trumpeter Swans love to play hide and seek.
Another fun fact!...that I made up...
I gonna run for prezidenk...yep.

 There were a number of young Trumpeters too!
Would they be Cornets?

Oh, okay...just making sure...

By the way, Trumpeters DO NOT like being photographed from behind.
Just so ya know...I'm here for you...

See ya soon!!

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