Sunday, July 23, 2017

Moths and More!...

 This is the fantastic meadow at Wood Hollow Park in Hudson, Ohio.

Seeing that it's National Moth Week, I thought I would go out and get more moth pics to share. I headed to Wood Hollow. This is a wonderful little park used mostly by joggers and walkers and very few birders. I've seen all of our common woodpeckers here, along with a few warblies, bluebirds, my favorite song sparrows and more. In the summer months when the wild flowers start to pop, you can find lots of insects buzzing all over the place!

Today I found dozens of Clearwing Moths, a few butterflies(their numbers seem to be way down this year) and dragonflies eating those pesky little biting insects. The bad news is the Deer and Black Flies were trying to eat me alive...and we won't get into ticks...where's my Deet?!

Oh...I saw a couple of birds when I finally looked up...

Actually, this Imperial Moth was a visitor at work, a couple miles away this week. 
But, being moth week, I had to share it!

 This guy was as big as my hand!

 Not the greatest shot of a Clearwing Moth, but I love how it curled it's tongue as he zipped off to another flower.

 1/1600th of a second shutter speed to slow down those wings!
Love that fuzzy buddy!

 Bugs From Behind!
These are wonderful pollinators. They look like a cross between a hummingbird and a bumbly bee.

 Speaking of Bumbly Bees!

 I looked up long enough to see this Chipping Sparrow. 
He was giving me the crazy eye while I was swatting flies and clicking pics...and trying to chase bugs...the non-biting ones...

 I had a staring contest with this Common Wood Nymph.
He attention span isn't very long...

 I saw a few Common Wood Nymphs, they all seemed to be working through the lowest flowers.
This one has a few nips taken out of his must be safer lower in the scrub away from the hunting birds.

 This Eastern Amberwing posed nicely in front of a mass of wildflowers.

 This is the female Eastern Amberwing...looking for her man...

 Eastern Pondhawks are fierce hunters! Lucky they aren't bigger or we'd be in trouble!

 This was the lone Halloween Pennant I spotted. Lucky find for me!

 The Honey Bees seemed few and far between.
I wonder when they'll find out what's causing their crash?
We need to cut back on the use of chemicals in our gardens and farms!
Those pesticides kill more than pests!

 I chased this Spicebush Swallowtail all over the meadow. 
I had better luck getting ticks than his photo...

 I believe this is a species of Sweat Bee...maybee...ha!

 There's lots of thistle around to feed the American Goldfinches!

 When I looked closer I found this tiny spider and his crazy web works in there!
Any ideas what kind of spider?

 You can tell this is a Twelve-spotted Skimmer because of the pattern on his body.
(Did you think I was going to say "cause he's got 12 spots on his wings?)

I leave you for now with a pretty flower...still don't have a field guide for day.

Until we meet again!

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