Sunday, February 10, 2019

Dreaming of May!...

Wandering through my photo files I've discovered a few that I never went through. Oops. This latest assortment of happy burdz is from this past May during the Biggest Week festivities at Magee Marsh, the happiest burd place on earth!

 An American Woodcock in action hunting for worms...

 ...and rudely picking at his nether regions...

 There's always a Bald Eagle in the area, though I prefer the wee little burdies!

 I'm still struggling to get a good shot of a Bay-breasted Warbly.
They always seem to be over me and hidden behind foliage.
At least I got this shot in focus...mostly...

 These Black-throated Blue Warblies always create a stir when they appear.

 My only shot of a Blackburnian Warbly and his beautiful throat is hidden.
Next time...maybe...

 A Cape May Warbly on the prowl for some juicy bugs...yum.

 This Chestnut-sided Warbly posed so nicely for me.
They always seem to be cooperative.

 The Gray Catburb says meow.

Ovenbirds are another of those warblies that don't like their photos taken...always skulking about in the leaves on the ground.

I managed to find a break in the foliage to get a lovely butt shot of this Ovenbird.
Ha! Gotcha lil buddy!

See ya next time, thanks for visiting!


  1. Love the Woodcock! (that really sounds odd to yell out)

  2. Are u sure those Warblies aren't sparrows with paint spilled on'm?