Tuesday, February 24, 2009

We interrupt this blog...

Hot Dog!! It's officially spring in Bay Village! We had our first Red-winged Blackbird of the season at the feeder in our front yard. His shoulder markings were very bland, but it's early in the season.

There have been quite a few of our feathered friends migrating through of late. Sunday we had at least 16 Northern Cardinals, the most this season, and about a dozen Dark-eyed Juncos, we normally only see two to four at a time.

The Warblers will be here soon.
Now back to your regular blog...


  1. ...love those Red-winged Blackbirds. Glad he's back!

  2. We had lots of those in Indiana where I used to live. They are a very pretty bird.

  3. Great blog,will look again soon.