Thursday, September 10, 2009

A day in the life of my peeps...part B

Here we have a group of wild and dangerous Sanderlings, also known as...PEEPS! The name that strikes fear into the hearts of birders everywhere!

I took my life into my hands stalking these unpredictable creatures through a normal day in their laborious lives. As you can see in the above photo, they appear to be searching the incoming waves for unaware prey to pounce upon and consume as part of their voracious eating ritual. BUT, if you look closer, you'll notice they were actually watching your intrepid photographer and blogophile, sizing me up and thinking to themselves..."We could take him, but watch out for the Doodles behind him! I've heard terrible things about what she's done to birds she doesn't like!"

We were brave and took a stand and hoped for the best and these next few posts will be a documentary on our interaction with this bloodthirsty group.

Starting off the day with a wash off the evidence of the previous days atrocities...

" Where'd the water go?"
I'd watch out for that incoming wave buddy!

" All clean down here!"

" Hey! Look at me, I'm a U-boat comin' for ya!"

"Hey, where'd those bubbles come from?"

"Ready for the wind up!..."

"...and release! Gotta shake it up!"

"How's it look back there? Careful what you say, I'll eat yer face off! Grrrr!"
Stay tuned for more of ..."A day in the life!"...dum-dum-dummmm....

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  1. Excellent post Dave, The bath sequence is wonderful!! Well done. Have a nice week end.