Sunday, September 6, 2009

Themeless Thunday!

"When the moon's in your eye like a big pizza pie, that's Amore!"
I hope someone else knows that song besides me...
I mooned you!
I've noticed a number of bloggers have themes for certain days. Being an uncertain person without much focus, as you can tell by a number of my photos, I thought I would start a "Themeless Thunday" blog on my Thundays here at the BirdMobile.
(Actually it'th jutht an excuth to type funny and uthe the phototh I thot on Thaturday!)

This is an Alder Flycatcher, because Mark and Kimmay thaid tho. Please note the Rictal bristles around the beak.
No, I couldn't get a shot of the rectal kids...behave!

So, I was walking along, minding my own bizness, and I see this odd grinning face looking at me!
All I know is that it's a fish...and it's not alive...

Oh my gosh! It's an almost normal bird photo! I had to put one of those in. This little Magnolia Warbler was giving me my favorite crazy eye!
It's 'confusing fall warbly' time!

Oh look! It's a fungi!

Speaking of 'Fun Guys'!
Poor little Doodles, this is our tenth anniversary. Could you imagine ten long years of these stoopid jokes and puns? Not to mention the dawdling to take photos of birds behinds...
So sad...Happy Anniversary Doodles!!