Friday, September 11, 2009

A day in the life of my Peeps, part deux...

If you read my post yesterday about the vicious Sanderlings and you thought I was just kidding...well guess what! Look at these two going at it, beak and claw! Apparently someone got too close to someone elses turf and picked up a tasty morsel that he shouldn't have. The next thing you know...attack of the killer Sanderlings!

They moved so quickly I had a difficult time keeping them in the frame...oh, to have a video camera! And you thought it was boring being a peep...

Check out the fancy footwork! "Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee..."

And of course, a little fancy wing work also!

And the winner!
Gives a whole new meaning to 'a pain in the neck' doesn't it?

"You're next, camera boy!"
At this point, you would see me screaming like a little girl, arms waving and running down the beach!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

A day in the life of my peeps...part B

Here we have a group of wild and dangerous Sanderlings, also known as...PEEPS! The name that strikes fear into the hearts of birders everywhere!

I took my life into my hands stalking these unpredictable creatures through a normal day in their laborious lives. As you can see in the above photo, they appear to be searching the incoming waves for unaware prey to pounce upon and consume as part of their voracious eating ritual. BUT, if you look closer, you'll notice they were actually watching your intrepid photographer and blogophile, sizing me up and thinking to themselves..."We could take him, but watch out for the Doodles behind him! I've heard terrible things about what she's done to birds she doesn't like!"

We were brave and took a stand and hoped for the best and these next few posts will be a documentary on our interaction with this bloodthirsty group.

Starting off the day with a wash off the evidence of the previous days atrocities...

" Where'd the water go?"
I'd watch out for that incoming wave buddy!

" All clean down here!"

" Hey! Look at me, I'm a U-boat comin' for ya!"

"Hey, where'd those bubbles come from?"

"Ready for the wind up!..."

"...and release! Gotta shake it up!"

"How's it look back there? Careful what you say, I'll eat yer face off! Grrrr!"
Stay tuned for more of ..."A day in the life!"...dum-dum-dummmm....

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Knot Your Average Day at the Beach...

Sandy- " So, what's up with the skinny guy following us?"
Red-"I dunno, but I heard that camera makes your butt look big!"

To be or Knot to be...that was the question. Whether it is nobler to drive to a public pool to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous swimmers and photograph a Red Knot, or to eat perchance to dream...

Sorry. Meanwhile back in the real world...

Me and the Doodles heard about this Red Knot making a rare visit to the shores of Lake Erie, well actually, about one hundred yards inland at a public swimming area at Maumee State Park. Doodles was making Pot Roast for me, she's a vegetarian, so you know this was a rare treat! But, we decided to check it out...and wait for the big dinner...argh.

Go figure, kids splashing and screaming, enjoying the last holiday weekend of summer, and right in the midst, one lone Red Knot youngster and his buddy, the Sanderling. Minding their own business and feeding their faces and playing in the water. Hmmm, just like the 'people type' kids on the same beach...

After annoying the Knot, knot to mention the swimmers ("Hey, look at that big camera!") we took a hike to the surrounding lakefront area to see what we could see. And we saw it. Lots of Ring-billed Gulls, Forster's and Caspian Terns, Sandpipers and Sanderlings...lots and lots of Sanderlings...Stay tuned!

"Do you think he'll be impressed by my ballet moves? It's really hard to balance on your beak you know!"

"Yo, where's my Peeps?!"
, Kids, always yelling, "I'm hungry!, Are we there yet?, I'm bored!"
and your typical parent, tuning him out...

"Yeah, I may look like a Ring-billed Gull, but deep inside, I'm a majestic Bald Eagle, master of my domain!"

Meanwhile back inland, this Red-tailed Hawk has dinner in his sight, hmmm pot roast.

"Hey, take a hike! You're starting to get on my nerves!"
His stare really 'knotted' up my stomach...

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Themeless Thunday!

"When the moon's in your eye like a big pizza pie, that's Amore!"
I hope someone else knows that song besides me...
I mooned you!
I've noticed a number of bloggers have themes for certain days. Being an uncertain person without much focus, as you can tell by a number of my photos, I thought I would start a "Themeless Thunday" blog on my Thundays here at the BirdMobile.
(Actually it'th jutht an excuth to type funny and uthe the phototh I thot on Thaturday!)

This is an Alder Flycatcher, because Mark and Kimmay thaid tho. Please note the Rictal bristles around the beak.
No, I couldn't get a shot of the rectal kids...behave!

So, I was walking along, minding my own bizness, and I see this odd grinning face looking at me!
All I know is that it's a fish...and it's not alive...

Oh my gosh! It's an almost normal bird photo! I had to put one of those in. This little Magnolia Warbler was giving me my favorite crazy eye!
It's 'confusing fall warbly' time!

Oh look! It's a fungi!

Speaking of 'Fun Guys'!
Poor little Doodles, this is our tenth anniversary. Could you imagine ten long years of these stoopid jokes and puns? Not to mention the dawdling to take photos of birds behinds...
So sad...Happy Anniversary Doodles!!